Anxiety and Weight Loss – Is Anxiety Causing Weight Loss?

Can anxiety cause weight loss? We all know how hard it is to keep up with the never-ending diets and fast food that our society has become accustomed to. Why do we do this?

Anxiety is a reaction to an emotional stimulus or stressor. It causes our body to react by releasing adrenaline into our blood stream. This is a normal reaction to extreme stress or anxiety. Our body needs to release adrenaline because when it does not, it gets ‘wet’ (causes sweat).

When our body is ‘wet’, it releases an Adrenalin like substance called ‘adrenaline’ that causes us to feel wet hair, hot to the touch, dizzy, and even hyperventilating. When our body produces more adrenaline, it gives us more feelings of energy, happiness, and enthusiasm for life, for example:

Our increased levels of energy and enthusiasm are the result of anxiety causes weight loss. Yes, the level of adrenaline in our body can be a big factor for our ability to burn fat and create a more energized body.

To reduce this occurrence, one can decrease the stress in their life. When you are stressed out, your body has to work harder to compensate for the stress. Therefore, it is better to reduce the stress level in your life through relaxation techniques such as meditation, self-hypnosis, or yoga.

Along with that, reducing the physical activity can also help to reduce the anxiety that is causing the excess adrenaline to the body. Remember, our bodies have a hard time keeping up with our hectic schedules and we need something else to balance it out. Physical activity helps to create a sense of balance for our bodies. Then, it will naturally want to conserve some of its energy and not create adrenaline.

Anxiety can also be reduced through exercise, meditation, or other alternative means of relaxation. Because our body releases adrenaline, we cannot control this naturally. It is something that can happen to us no matter what.

We all suffer from anxiety at some point or another in our lives. Sometimes, we cannot control it, but sometimes, we can. The only way we can stop it is to learn more about how to control the negative responses that our body sends out.

So, let’s talk about our positive responses to stressors. Our body naturally likes the positive responses from stressors, such as laughter, praise, or food. While this is a normal response, there are times when our body will become overly ‘energized’ from the stressor.

If the stressor is too intense, we might get upset and show more of these negative responses. This is when anxiety will rear its ugly head. It will take on the characteristics of anxiety.

This causes weight loss to become a bigger problem for you than it actually is. How is that possible?

You see, since our body is already going through an overload of negative emotions, it will find it easier to feel anxious. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, the best thing that you can do is learn how to control your body’s reaction to stress.