Are Apples Good For Weight Loss?

Are apples good for weight loss? What about grapefruit or melons, cantaloupes or celery? Did you know that it is a myth?

Do not be deceived by marketing gimmicks because, scientifically speaking, none of these fruits can possibly help you reach your weight loss goals. The average apple is just too dry and fibrous to be any good for a long term weight loss plan.

The majority of the body’s weight loss program relies on the concept that the body stores up water and glycogen in its cells. There is, however, very little evidence that this is the case.

A majority of the body stores fat in its cells, and does not keep water in the cells. If this were true, then it would be much easier to lose weight simply by drinking lots of water.

Our system is actually designed to burn stored fat as opposed to water. That is why if you do not drink enough water you will retain water. This is why there is such a big impact on you when you stop drinking water.

If you are not familiar with the number of calories that you are burning in your own bodies, just take a look at the scale. Notice that in the hours after eating it seems like the scale is always reading the same amount of calories?

In reality, calories were being burned even though you didn’t feel like you ate as many calories as you thought. This is the difference between body metabolism and calorie storage.

Your body stores the calories that are used up in the day. The thingis you probably do not know which ones are the large ones and which ones are the small ones. This is how the body stores the excess calories that you consume.

The reasons that we eat large amounts of food but only burn off a small amount of these calories is that we don’t pay attention to what we are eating and what we are not. We can control our body metabolism through an action like eating smaller, frequent meals rather than a few large ones throughout the day.

Also, the foods that we eat in large amounts are often those that have the highest glycemic load or lower GI foods. These foods are just as bad for our bodies as larger quantities of foods that we eat but have a low Glycemic Index.

Another important aspect of a weight loss program is carbohydrates. It is impossible to lose weight with weight loss if the body does not process carbohydrates.

You have to have carbohydrates for energy and for your brain to function properly, if you have high levels of carbs in your system your body will store the carbs rather than burn them off. That is why a program that emphasizes low carbs or no carbs at all is worthless.