How To Cut A Coconut

If you are wondering how to cut a coconut into wedges, firstly, you should understand what makes a coconut “coconuts”. Contrary to the belief of many people, these are not actually palms full of small coconut pieces floating in water. While this is an image that comes to mind when one hears of “coconuts”, they are not the coconut that is served at a sushi bar. The coconut that is used for sushi is called the kuma-zasa coconut.

To learn how to cut a coconut into wedges, begin by removing the inner skin of the coconut. This is called the “keratin” found inside the meat. Now use a knife to cut the coconut flesh in half. The inner coconut skin should be left on for easier retrieval of the meat. Some people dip their finger in water and hold it over the piece of coconut flesh to cut it, but this is generally not recommended as the water can cause the knife blade to break. A better option is to allow the piece of coconut skin to fall off the coconut with the knife – it should slide easily after being rubbed a little.

The next step in how to cut a coconut is to remove the half-hide coating from the opposite end of the coconut half. Place a medium-blade sharpened knife at the very edge of the wedge. Make sure the knife is very sharp before proceeding. You can either make a downward or an outward cut with this knife. The coconut half should fall right through the knife into small slices, depending on the size of the knife.

If you make an outward cut, the coconut will come out of the remaining layers and form a nice basket-like wedge. To cut a more even number of slices, you can alternate outward and inward cuts. Again, make sure the knife is very sharp before proceeding.

How to cut a coconut can also be illustrated with a little experiment. Take a perfectly sized wedge from the center of one of the pieces and lay it down. Now using a large and preferably sharp knife, cut the slices into three equal strips. This can be used as a pattern for constructing beautiful Indian curries. Use the same technique to create a figure that can be carved into decorative bowls and pottery pieces.

Even the shape of a coconut can be used to generate interesting designs. If you have cut a few pieces with the knife, twist them around each other until they look like a star. Or twist them until they resemble coconut trees. Even more fascinating, when they are all twisted up like this, use your imagination and twist them until they look like coconut leaves. These are just some of the many ways to use coconut to decorate with.

In addition to the beauty found in natural coconut oil, its use as an oil is great for cooking and frying. One of the best ways to make use of this is to cook a meal while keeping the slices warm. Just heat them up in a little bit of olive oil, add some salt and pepper to taste and throw in a couple of slices. It’s a unique way to cook without adding a lot of fat or oil.

If you’re looking for a fun project, how to cut a coconut might just be for you. Coconut pieces can also be used for decoration, though it is best to leave the messy task to professionals if you are inexperienced. A creative eye will be sure to enjoy exploring all the many ways these little chunks can be put to good use. With a little imagination, you can create a wide range of decorative dishes.