What is This Concept About What is Thrive Weight Loss and How Can it Help You?

what is thrive weight loss

What is This Concept About What is Thrive Weight Loss and How Can it Help You?

What is thrive weight loss? That’s a question I am asked quite frequently by clients who are looking for solutions to their problem. My mission is to help people find success by helping them find the right solutions for their particular body type and situation.

Your metabolism rate determines how fast your body burns fat. This is affected by how many calories you consume, how much water you drink, how much activity you perform and the physical structure of your body.

When it comes to your goal of becoming slimmer and leaner, you need to understand what is thriving weight loss and how it can affect your goal. So let’s take a closer look at what it means to be lean and strong.

The next time someone talks about healthy living in today’s health conscious society they are generally referring to living a lifestyle of balance and harmony with one’s health and wellness. By living this way the definition of wellness has changed and can be encompassed by the phrase “well-being.”

“Fit” can also be used to describe a state of physical and mental well-being. If you want to have a more fit and attractive appearance, then fitting is not only important but necessary to maintain a healthy life.

Grow and flourish – That’s a concept that was first articulated by Dr. Douglas Kenrick, one of the founding fathers of the field of fat loss. The fitness and shape shifting process begin with reprogramming the body to think of food as fuel.

Food is no longer considered a source of fuel. It is “fuel” that is provided to your body to help it run when it wants to but it’s not “food” as it was in the past.

With this perspective it’s not so much the amount of food that gets stored away that helps a healthy body to perform better. But rather the absence of “food” that is burned off in order to power the body.

In order to get the fuel your body needs, it must first burn what it is provided. Of course, all of our food gets burned off as we eat.

But it also means that when a new diet plan is implemented, the first phase of burning off the old and building the new diet plan begins with eating less. And in many ways, less is better because a lesser amount of food gets burned off.

Leaner does not necessarily mean smaller. In fact, in today’s modern world it’s very possible to eat much more than you do at home and still remain slim and fit.

By eating less and preparing the meals in advance, the intake of calories becomes substantially lower and calories need to be burnt off. This in turn speeds up the build up of muscle tissue and the faster the body burns the excess fat, the faster it can recover from the strict regime of dieting.